The Beast Within

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I have written a new novel for Disney Publishing based on the Beast from Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast, it will be available July 22, 2014. I am very excited to explore the Beast’s past and what he did to become cursed, while weaving in my own sensibilities, and drawing upon inspirations from Jean Cocteau’s version and a bit of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray for good measure.

Those of you who read my other Disney novel Fairest of All may also be pleased to learn I intend to include The Odd Sisters.

From Chapter One: The Witches in the Rose Garden
The Odd Sisters, Lucinda, Ruby and Martha, an indistinguishable trio of witches with inky black ringlets, a pale milky pallor, and red baby doll lips were standing before him in the rose garden. Their faces were glowing in the moonlight like ghosts with mocking expressions. Their finery glittering like stardust in his dark garden, while the plumage in their hair was making their bird-like gestures all the more grotesque. There was a nervousness about them, a constant state of little twitches and gestures as if they were in continuous communication with each other even when they weren’t speaking.