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Teratopia is written by Serena Valentino and Illustrated by Juan Calle in association with Liberum Studios.

Teratopia is the story of Cricket, a young woman of 16 who lost both of her parents at a very young age. She dreams of the same beautiful and mysterious house every evening, and is plagued by nightmares of werewolves, their hunters and the arcane realms in which they dwell. She is a shy, soft-spoken girl, bursting with creativity and talent, but she’s often too introspective to express her feelings and ideas with others, with one exception: her Aunt Darling, who has raised her since her parents died. Cricket adores her quirky and charming Aunt Darling, but learns Darling has been keeping a secret from her. Cricket finds photo albums filled with photos of the house of which she’s been dreaming. Something terrible happened to Cricket’s parents in that house and Darling has been trying to protect Cricket from the ghastly truth.

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Teratopia is © 2012 Serena Valentino and Juan Calle. All Rights Reserved.