Nightmares & Fairytales

  • Comics

Nightmares & Fairy Tales is a collection of short horror stories and retellings of dark fairytales, told from the point of view of a doll named Annabelle. The first twelve issues were illustrated by FSc. Crab Scrambly illustrated issues 13- 18, a six-issue story arc entitled: 1140 Rue Royale, the story of an elderly woman and her young niece who move into a house that is haunted by vicious spirits, the victims of horrific crimes perpetrated by the house's previous owner Madame Lalaurie. Camilla d'Errico illustrated the next six issues, a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, followed by the story of a captured mermaid, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth.

There are four Nightmares & Fairy Tales graphic novels: Once Upon a Time, Beautiful Beasts, 1140 Rue Royale and Dancing With the Ghosts of Whales. They are available in all major bookstores and Amazon. Published by SLG Publishing.

Annabelle's Story, the newest installment in the Nightmares & Fairy Tales series features Gwen who is now a young woman struggling for her independence while learning to except help from those who wish to protect her from recklessly flying into dangerous situations. She, Aunt Bea and Annabelle decide to venture off to find Morgan, a young woman who has been locked away in an asylum for many years for murders she did not commit, and on their journey they learn about Annabelle's creator and Aunt Bea's dark past. I'm pleased to announce Pablo Santander will be illustrating Annabelle's Story as well as my other graphic novel Hell's Cafe. Please check back soon for release dates.

Lemony Snicket, the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events remarks on Nightmares & Fairy Tales: "Just the sort of thing I like - elegant, melodramatic and dire. Thank you for darkening my door and darkening my day."

Peter Normanton, with the UK print magazine From the Tomb has this to say about Nightmares & Fairy Tales: “A few issues ago I mentioned Nightmares and Fairy Tales in my editorial. This title, published by Slave Labour Graphics and written by Serena Valentino, is a remarkable piece of work. When I read the first issue a couple of years ago I was cleverly seduced into thinking this was just a cute title aimed at a teenage readership, until the finale, and I was in for a gut wrenching shock! Since then Serena has conjured with the dark side of myth and legend, weaving it with guile into the world we like to think we know. The current offering 1140 Rue Royale illustrated by the impressive Crab Scrambly is a tale of sinister purpose; inspired by “debatable historical events”. This isn’t the pre-Code material we have courted for so long although its premise does rest in the past, its approach is very contemporary. I cannot recommend this title highly enough!”

And a lovely little note from one of our readers: "They seamlessly show lesbians, child abuse, feminism, and much more, in a way that can allow the reader to enjoy the story, instead of feeling like they are being lectured at..."