How to Be a Zombie

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My cheeky little zombie survival manual is available in all major bookstores and Amazon, and has been selected for the "Quick Pick List for Reluctant Young Readers" by the American Library Association 2011.

So you’re a zombie. What now? Slow down — and flesh out the life of the mindless with this essential guide for the newly undead.The vacant stare, the shambling gait, the sense that you’re falling apart — adjusting to "life" as a zombie takes a little getting used to. And what’s with the sudden obsession with brains? Time to get your outstretched hands on this comprehensive handbook spelling out all things z-o-m-b-i-e. Published by Candlewick Press.

Booklist Review by Daniel Kraus:
Using the tone of a self-help manual, this impressively designed book offers a guide to getting the most out of the zombie lifestyle—whether you’re an undead yourself or just a fan. As the introduction points out, “Zombification is just the first step in a superfun and exciting adventure.” Indeed! The chapter headings say it all: “Roam Alone or in Packs?” “Put Your Best (Most Horrific) Face Forward.” “Décor for the Decaying.” “Lend Me a Hand: Fun with Prosthetics.” Broken down in easy-to-digest chunks, the tips leave no gravestone unturned, though some of the jokes are groaners (moaners?): for example, to battle rigor mortis, “consider taking up yoga.” More impressive, actually, is the book’s nonfiction component, which offers up well-researched lists of movies, books, music, comics, board games, video games, and events for zombie fanatics. There’s also makeup tips (use pieces of rice for maggots) and even—steel yourself—recipes. The grungy and bloody layout, which incorporates movie stills but is mostly original photography and digital collage, gives a first-rate sheen to an overall to-die-for package.