Episode 45:
Nightmares and Fairy Tales with Serena Valentino
May 2008

“The gruesome and horrifying conclusion to ‘Song of the Siren,’ the story of a beautiful mermaid ensnared by Lucas, an abusive sideshow charlatan and put on display in his traveling carnival. The carnival is in panic when the mermaid escapes with intent to kill Lucas. Meanwhile, learn the horrible tale behind the mermaid’s capture and the grizzly consequences Lucas suffered for his foul deeds. An exquisitely frightening and disturbing tale written by Serena Valentino, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Shadow over Innsmouth,’ and beautifully illustrated by Camilla d’Errico.”


Out + Keep

Cut Out + Keep
October 2007

“I think most writers bring something of themselves and their experiences to the stories they write. There are times when it’s a deliberate choice and in others it’s completely subconscious. It can manifest in many ways, drawing upon personal experience, as one would, say, in acting for example, to resonate with the character on a deeper level, or giving a character one of your own experiences as a means to process it yourself or make it more relatable to the reader.”


Rue Morgue
May 2007

“My intention was to give LaLaurie’s victims a voice, and a means for revenge.”

Rue Morgue May 2007

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Slave Labor GraphicsSLG News
Jennifer de Guzman
May 2007

“No one else could have illustrated this story like Crab. His art is so unique and gave the story exactly the atmosphere I was looking for.” link


David Doub interview with Nightmares & Fairy Tales artist Camilla d’Errico
Febuary 2007

“She twists our perspective and offers us a different look than what we’re used to. She uses the ‘horror’ aspect very intelligently, it’s not about blood and guts, but more about shocking us. “ link


Chris Arrant
October 2006

” For my characters, it was beautiful and oftentimes tragic journey to find themselves. For me it has been an amazing experience having such a lovely and loyal readership as well as the opportunity to work with so many talented artists.